San Francisco Beach Soccer Club

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What is Beach Soccer?

Beach Soccer focuses on some of the most spectacular aspects of modern Soccer: skill, agility and, above all, goals. A compact pitch gives players license to shoot from virtually anywhere and, with an average of sixty attempts at goal in an average professional level match (one every thirty seconds!), goalkeepers are tested to the absolute limit. However, even they can’t prevent an average scoring rate of one goal every 3-4 minutes - eleven goals in total per game! The rules of the game are generally the same as grass soccer except the following:

  • 5 on 5 (4 players + a keeper)
  • 30 X 40 yard field
  • Substitutions on the fly
  • No offside
  • No shoes, cleats or shinguards (but socks can be worn to protect feet)
  • Three 12 minute periods

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